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readingLanguage. We take it for granted, in my opinion.

As an English teacher and general lover of literature, communication and language, I’ve always had an interest in how people use language to interact with each other, so I have found it absolutely fascinating to observe how Amelia’s language is developing.

Obviously, as her Mum, I’m keen to see and hear her start to babble and talk, but on a totally separate level, I just find the idea of a child soaking up the linguistic world around them, word by word, sound by sound, and eventually gaining ownership of it so that they can talk, express themselves and learn even more; so SO interesting.

With that thought, I have to share that there was that momentous occasion in our house a few weeks ago, oh yes….the first word.

How do we know it was an actual word, and not just babble?

Well, it was specific, it was unprompted, and it was repeated on 3 separate occasions within a half hour.


Yes, you heard it. The first word Amelia spoke, and also you might have heard the sound of my heart breaking in two.

Devastating and wonderful all at once. WHY did it have to be “Dada”? Of course, I have conducted extensive research, (ahem), and I have learned that ‘Dada’ is the easiest sound for babies to say; but that doesn’t stop me wishing for a “Mama” and it doesn’t stop the G-Man from being extremely smug.

Smug bugger that he is.


Either way, we are bursting with pride, as all new parents are when the first word is conquered and spoken, and there have since been rumblings of ‘Mama’, ‘Nana’, and ‘book’, so watch this space!!