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As you probably already know, anything I write here is my own words, ideas and musings, unless otherwise stated. Since it came out of my (albeit slightly crazy) brain, all content, words and pictures belong to meeeeee. So if you are feeling creative and want to copy/use/reuse anything from my blog, do be ever-so-kind and ask me first – I’ll probably be incredibly flattered and say yes in writing. But if you’re the kind of meanie who decides to pinch it without asking, well, you’re just mean and you deserve to get slapped in the face…with a wet fish.

You probably already know also that I’m just a parent blogger, making my way through life just like you, so I’m not a definitive source of advice or expertise (just ask my husband!) so I would make sure if you’ve an important issue to deal with, that you try not to take advice from this blog – seek professional help! I also won’t pass on anyone’s information that I’m in touch with – my Mummy taught me manners.

It’s totally up to me what I write on this blog, and the focus and nature of the blog are my decision also – so if someone wants to work with me (and I really hope they do!) I’ll need to make sure that it ‘fits’ with the theme of the blog. Anyone who advertises or sponsers through this blog is a seperate person from me (though I wish I had thier money!) and if anyone needs to deal with an issue then they do it ditrectly through the company concerned – there’s no point sueing me – I’m skint!

All the ‘formality’ aside, we would love to hear from you.

Any feedback, ideas, or criticism (constructive only please!) is welcome.

Any PR enquiries, reviews or are welcome too…yes, I went there, sue me. (Figure of speech, please don’t actually sue me.)

You can tweet me @AmeliasMum18

You can email me on

Or just feel free to leave a comment on my blog.

Look forward to chatting to you 🙂

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