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Makeup is one of my passions. I’m kind of obsessed with it. Since I’ve had kids, my makeup routine has definitely gone through some changes – I no longer have 30 minutes to myself in the morning to perfect my eyeliner or try out a new look; hate it, scrap it, and start all over again. I went through a bit of a makeup rut until recently. I mean, if we had a night out (rare) I still knew how to whack the slap on, but on a daily basis I was sticking to the same old tried and trusted foundation, eyeliner, mascara and blush.

Literally nothing else.

I don’t mean to upset die-hards out there but I didn’t even own a tube of primer.

Even with all my so-called artistic makeup savvy, I didn’t even know what primer really was.


I know. First world problems or what?

But in the beauty and self-expression category, I’m one of those girls that really appreciates how you can enhance yourself with makeup and really, simply, just have some creative fun.

But how to do it when you have kiddies hanging on the hems of your (only) good work skirt, fighting with each other and whinging at you? Here are some things I’ve done which enable me to still be able to enjoy my makeup routine in the mornings.

Invest in a good primer. Not necessarily an expensive primer, but one that agrees with your skin and that you like using. I thought they were a total gimmick but they really do make your makeup look better and last longer.

Get a setting spray. I use a cheap, chemist bought version and it makes my eye makeup in particular last longer and not run down my face when it is warm or sunny. It certainly completes the look.

Watch some YouTube tutorials. There are some FAB makeup artists and beauty vloggers online. I’ve picked up some fantastic tips and its great because, as a Mum, I never get to wander idly around the cosmetics counters alone any longer, so the best I can manage is to pick up my tips and ideas online.

Buy some acrylic makeup organisers. I used to have my makeup all packed away in a storage box, which is great if you’re a travelling makeup artist, but if it is sitting in the house you can’t actually see what makeup you have to be able to use it – if you have items laid out on your dressing table in mini-storage containers then you’re more likely to experiment more.

Eyebrow kits. Normally I would retch if anyone mentioned drawing in eyebrows to me, but I would imagine those scary, overly black, HD brows that so many women like the look of. Crazy ladies. But in reality, you can use a simple brow kit to add shape and structure to your already existing brow so that it frames your face better – it’s barely noticeable but just enough to look good.

I’ve found since making an effort to introduce these aspects into my makeup routine that I’m happier with my look and also it definitely lasts throughout the day. 🙂

And if anyone from, ahem, Make Up Forever or MAC is reading this and you need an everyday Mum to trial some new products…well, I won’t be saying no!