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I remember when I was little I always felt so special when I spent individual time with my parents. My Mum would take me shopping, or to visit my Godmother’s house and I would just love to be ‘just she and I’ for a little while, enjoying each other’s company. I also have really fond memories of helping my Dad build furniture (he was once a technology/woodworking teacher) and for a while was always called upon to help friends and family put flat pack furniture together. I learned lots from him about it and it definitely taught me to be a hands-on, capable sort, and I also really loved that we always got some fish and chips while we were ‘working’.

But enough rambling. Well it’s sort of near-to-the-point rambling I suppose. Anyone still here? What I’m getting at is that I’m learning now from the parenting side of the fence, how important it is to spend quality time with your children. This isn’t preachy, not at all – I just thought I would share a little wishlist of things I’m hoping to do with my daughter (and with my son when he is a little older – at the moment he’s just happy sitting on my knee and reading a book and playing with my hair) as I think it not only allows for the creation of special memories, but for the opportunity to really get to know each other not just as relatives but as individuals. Some of these we’ve already done, but I certainly would like to repeat them again sometime. So what ideas are out there? Here are just a few I’ve thought of and also seen around:

  • Weekly movie night
  • Visit the library regularly
  • Go for a starbucks
  • Go shopping
  • Spend a day at the seaside
  • Take the train somewhere random for lunch
  • Go to a concert
  • Take an art/painting/sculpture class
  • Sing together in a choir
  • Do a fashion show at home for the family
  • Take a museum tour
  • Go geocaching
  • See a musical
  • Have a dinner date
  • Have a game night/board games
  • Go on a picnic
  • Camp out in the back garden
  • Spend a day doing something for charity
  • Do a family yoga session
  • Bake buns together
  • Watch the stars
  • Make a scrapbook
  • Go for afternoon tea somewhere fancy
  • Dress up as a family EVERY Halloween
  • Do a colour run
  • Go for sushi
  • Watch Lord of the Rings/Dr Who/Gone with the Wind/Star Wars/Harry Potter etc…
  • Have a spa/pampering night
  • Go horseriding
  • Go for a bike ride

I can’t wait to keep working through the list. If anyone reading has some new ideas that I can add to the list, please do make some suggestions.