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Our two littles are getting bigger by the second and are most definitely in that demographic that you would call ‘digital natives’. I know there are LOTS of opinions everywhere about young ones and too much media exposure/screen time, and I agree with most of it – but I’m not going to deny that there are some really fun, interesting things you can do online with your kids – obviously with supervision, the proper parental controls and the biggie – time constraints.

We bought a pair of headphones for my son at Christmas, with the idea that if we needed it, we might be able to have a safety net for tedious car journeys, long churches services or similar. Meaning that if we needed the kids to be quiet, then we could pop their headphones on and no-one but them would be subjected to constant Peppa Pig on loop. Good idea? Methinks so.

But by Boxing Day the headphones were broken. By Adam. Of course. They were well made and a good brand but definitely not able to withstand my son’s (or any toddler’s for that matter) determined, and suprisingly strong chubby little hands. The fancy brackets and clips and wires were a shadow of thier former selves and he hadn’t even actually plugged them into the iPad at this stage!

So when Cozyphones contacted me to offer some children’s headphones to review, I must admit I didn’t think they were going to last long, going by my son’s track record. But I was completely wrong. They are most definitely one of those ‘must have’ products that parents will be glad they invested in. You can tell that it is a family run company, as the design, affordability and funcitonality could only have been dreamed up by someone who has kids. Of course, their website offers cozyphones headbands for adults, which look like they would make exercise easy (no earbuds getting sweaty and popping out) and also look like they would be really easy to wear in bed and enjoy listening to a relaxation tape or watch a movie and – wait for it – lie on your side and not get a sore ear!

When the headphones arrived the kids genuinely loved the bright, attractive designs and colours. Adam has the WhatIf Monster and Amelia chose Mystic the Unicorn (I almost wanted this one for myself, its so pretty). We’ve used them lots so far, during the designated iPad time that the kids get while I’m cooking dinner – it means I can enjoy listening to music without the sounds of Kids YouTube or Shimmer and Shine blaring in the background.

We’ve also used them at a family christening – they were an absolute hit! During the more serious and sombre moments of the church service, the kids were able to watch an episode of Thomas and Friends and didn’t make a peep, also the sound quality is good but with barely any noise pollution – we couldn’t hear what they were listening to. SO many other parents in the church wanted to know where we’d got these clever headphones.

Why are they clever?

  • They’re fun quirky and attractive to the kids
  • The speaker discs inside are moveable so you can locate them right next to your ear (no sore inner ear!)
  • They don’t fall off or slide back off the head
  • They feel soft and cosy
  • They’re adjustable with a 36 inc braided cord which is less likely to tangle and is also nice and strong
  • You can remove the electrical parts and put the fleece headband in the wash (music to any parents ears!
  • They work with any or all types of electronic device.
  • They come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Except why would you want your money back?

Cosyphones Kids Range is definitely one of the best children’s products I’ve come across in a long time and I’m definitely going to be recommending them to everyone. I’m also going to treat myself to a pair very soon and it will be top of my gift list for pretty much everyone I know for a long time to come.

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**Cozyphones provided us with two headphones to review for this blog. All opinions are my own**