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Quite often now, friends, colleagues and family are commenting on my weight loss. “Gosh Emma, your legs are so slim!” or “That top is too big you need to get a smaller size!” etc.

Its so lovely when people say these things, because you can tell they really mean it as it comes unprompted. In the past, when I lost a lot of weight I used to dismiss compliments that came along with the weight-loss. I’m not really sure why that was, exactly. Maybe I was embarrassed, or simply because I wasn’t sure I knew how to accept a weight-related compliment (after all, I wasn’t used to getting positive comments about my weight), or maybe it was simply because I felt I didn’t deserve them.

But I have a whole new mindset this time around. I’m in my 30s, I didn’t appreciate aspects of my looks the whole way through my teenage years and my 20s, so this time around when I’m looking better and feeling better about myself then I’ve decided I’m damned well going to enjoy the compliments and allow myself to feel good about me. Very ‘Loose Women’ of me, but you know what I mean!

I’ve been thinking of all the little positive changes that have come along with the actual weight loss – some obvious, like fitting into clothes, but some are less obvious and ones that I might not have admitted to before but there are other benefits to losing weight than just looking and feeling thinner. So to motivate anyone who is wavering with their journey, or anyone who is fed up with themselves and thinking of making a start, here is a list of things that have improved/changed for me as a result of my weight loss. I began off feeling utterly shite about myself and I know some people reading this will be feeling the same. It can change. You can change it. I’m in the middle of doing it and this is what I’m enjoying now, starting with the most obvious to the utterly ridiculous..

  • I’m thinner and I look better, that’s a given. Not ashamed to say it out loud anymore!
  • I can fit into clothes with smaller sizes that I had packed away tearfully a few years ago.
  • I can walk into a shop (ANY SHOP – EVEN BLOODY TOPSHOP**!) and know that I will be able to try something on and not scream with despair.
  • My underwear doesn’t hurt me anymore. *cringe*
  • I’m more interested in fashion and creating an outfit – as a result I’m taking more pride in my appearance.
  • I can run around after my kids and play with them in the garden and not have to sit down, out of breath and red faced.
  • I don’t want to instantly change into my jammies when I get in from work just so I feel comfortable.
  • I rarely feel bloated any more.
  • I feel more organised about what I’m eating (it definitely gets easier the longer you do it)
  • My feet have shrunk! Which is a bit of a downer with some existing shoes, but means I can fit into a 7 rather than an 8 in shops (They NEVER have an 8 when you want it)
  • Shopping is FUN!
  • When another car parks too close to yours – I don’t freak out about having to squeeze in.
  • I’m sleeping better and having less headaches.
  • I’m not too embarrassed to go for a spray tan or a wax. Yay!
  • I’m not going to develop diabetes!!
  • No more bra back strap extenders. Thank Christ.
  • On hot days if I dare to wear a maxi dress, I don’t have to wear shorts underneath to avoid my chubby thighs rubbing against each other. OW.
  • I look forward to social events and get excited about going out.


And finally – I’ve posted a full length selfie for the first time EVER!!

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 21.38.41

13lbs remaining. 14 weeks until my birthday.

Now, is that a target or what?



**Unfortunately I have realised I’m now too old to buy from Topshop…**