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I have to say, apart from giving a gift to my nearest and dearest, I’m not massively insane about having an enormous Mother’s Day celebration, although those close to me will understand why this year’s Mother’s Day was a little more special than usual. Every family celebrates it in their own unique way, and my day began with lots of cuddles from my littles. They are at such a fun age at the moment, very attached to Mummy and keen to be with me all the time. Not so great when I need to go to the loo by myself, but always welcome when I first wake up, their little teeny hands crooked around my neck, each of them wanting to take their turn for a morning cuddle.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 20.41.06We mostly celebrated Mother’s Day on the Saturday, instead of the Sunday, and unfortunately I didn’t get the breakfast in bed of home made pancakes I dropped many, many hints about (but I can’t blame them, they’re only 4 and 2!) but we all headed downstairs for breakfast and some morning telly. After this it was off to town for a lovely lunch, after which I had an appointment courtesy of Castle Court to get a makeover at the Bare Minerals counter. I hadn’t ever tried their products before and was really impressed by them. A user of liquid foundation since my youth, they convinced me to try their mineral powder foundation – I was completely sold. It gave great coverage and was easy to apply. (That night when I went to bed, it still looked like it had just been applied – not like my usual slide-off-your-face-makeup!) The ladies at the counter also had a stash of treats and sweeties for the kids so I didn’t feel like the embarrassed Mum who had to keep her kids calm. Result.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 20.42.27We then browsed the shops a little, before heading to the Mother’s Day selfie booth and Mum Appreciation Team, run by the lovely models from ACA, at the back of the Mall; where I got to have a nice picture taken with the kids, a free print of it, as well as some choccies and a cute little pot plant to bring home. I was also in with the chance of winning a Mother’s Day hamper…you never know!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 20.43.00


We had tickets booked to visit the theatre, so off we headed to the Ballyearl Courtyard Theatre to see Mr Hullabaloo’s Springtime Storybook – this was Adam’s first experience of seeing a show in the theatre and he absolutely loved it. Some might say, Emma, where was your night at the theatre? Didn’t you want to go for a massage or a facial? Well, yes of course, but the delight in my kids’ faces as they watched the colourful characters and sang along with their favourite children’s melodies – that was present enough for me.

Then it was back home for some playtime in the garden (the sun actually shone all day!) and we finished the day with our usual little bedtime routine of bath, supper and a story.

…then Mummy enjoyed some prosecco and the first Chinese takeaway she’s had in over 6 months….

…watched a movie (of her choice)…

…and had a lie in the next day.

All in all the perfect day.