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I shared recently on social media that I had achieved my 2 and a half stone award with Slimming World. I’m so proud of this and really feel it has been relatively easy. I really don’t mean to sound like a know-it-all or the kind of person that you want to slap, (I promise!) but when I say relatively easy I mean that I’ve got the right attitude in place for the first time ever. It doesn’t mean I lose pounds and pounds every week. Some weeks it is only a half a pound, some weeks I stay the same, and other more satisfying weeks I do lose 2 or 3lbs.

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But its easy because it has become a way of life for me. I’m not on a diet. I’m following a healthy eating plan, yes. I’m watching my intake of sugar and fat and carbohydrate, yes. I’m trying to eat plenty of good protein. But I’m not labouring every meal, every weigh-in, every snack. I’m just living my life and making the plan fit around it. If I want to stay on track when the rest of the family are treating themselves to a massive chicken pie with chips – well, I just have an Iceland SW meal, or plan ahead to have my own SW friendly recipe.

I’m seeing other, non-scale victories too. I’m down two sizes. I am fitting into clothes that had been relegated to the back of the cupboard. I’m feeling lighter on my feet and much healthier. I’m actually looking forward to my work Christmas do this year, because I had actual choice in the shops as to what outfit I could buy – I wasn’t destined to only go to one or two shops because they do ‘big sizes’.

It feels really good.

And for those reading this that don’t personally know me…all four of you (hi, Mum!) I have to explain that I really am a normal woman who has a massive appetite, eats too much junk, is too fond of takeaways and has been known in the past to order nachos with cheese and extra-cheese-on-top-of-the-cheese-please in the cinema. And yet, I’m on my way to my target weight. Over halfway, actually.

And yes, Christmas will be a stumbling block. But a delightful one. I’m not going to torture myself. If I gain a few pounds, so what? That’s normal! I will attend my meetings as usual and I will try to be on plan for as often as I can. That’s what I’ve realised. One small gain or one difficult weigh-in shouldn’t ruin the whole process for you. Chalk it up and move on. If I had given up inthe summer when I gained 9lbs, I wouldnt be another stone and a half lighter now…would I?

I saw this meme today posted by a target member in our group – he has lost stones and stones and is a great inspiration to us – and I couldn’t have put it better myself.



Merry Christmas everyone.

Go on…enjoy the turkey.