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poppinsRecently, for Halloween, I decided to dress up and have a Halloween party day with my pupils. I already had a costume organised for our family Halloween events, but in typcal Emma fashion, I couldn’t just do the easy thing and use the same costume twice, oh no! I had to come up with a totally separate costume just to test if I could make life even more difficult on myself.

But I wanted to do it with as little expense as possible and also to make a costume that was quick and easy. So I decided on Mary Poppins, because I think its a costume you can go as complex or as easy as you like with. I went for simple, of course…I’m not that crazy.

So I bought a black hat online, I think it was £7, and I felt it looked just enough like Mary’s plain black hat. And it was easy to get a white shirt and black skirt – I just borrowed of some lovely friends. Black boots and an updo and I’m done. The only thing that was missing was the signature and incredibly trademark cherries and daisies that adorn Mary’s hat. Where on earth was I going to get them? Then I realised I could probably try to crochet them. And I did! Some hot glue and a glue gun later and just call me Practically Perfect in Every Way!

So here is a very quick simple pattern for some crochet cherries and daisies if you wish to follow suit and become Mary Poppins for the day:

You will need:

4mm crochet hook


tapestry needle

red, yellow and white yarn (I used acrylic dk)

black pipe cleaners

glue gun and glue sticks

toy wadding/stuffing

First up, make your cherries as they are really quick. I made 4.

  • Make a magic loop using the RED yarn.
  1. 6 DC in the magic loop and tighten the loop to close (6)
  2. 6 DC increases around (12)
  3. DC around (12)
  4. Repeat round 3 (12)
  5. Fill the cherry with a little bit of toy stuffing before closing
  6. 6 DC decreases to close the ball (6)
  7. Slip stitch to finishe off and weave in the ends

Then make 4 daisies. These are really fun and quick to make.

Chain 2 in YELLOW yarn.

  1. 6 DC into 2nd CH from hook, sl st into first DC (6)
  2. 1 CH, 2 DC into next 6 DC, sl st into first DC (12)
  3. 1 CH, 1 DC into into each stitch, sl st into first DC (12)
  4. 1 CH, (1 DC into next 2 DC, DC2tog) 3 times, sl st into first DC (9

Change colour to WHITE

5. (6CH, sl st into 2nd CH from hook, 1 DC into next 2 CH, 1 HTR into next CH, 1 TR into next CH, sl st into next DC or DC2tog) 9 times.

Fasten off and Voila!

**You can’t see it in the picture, but the daisy that sticks upright from the hat, just use a black pipe cleaner and glue gun it to the band of the hat and then glue the daisy on the top end. You might need two pipe cleaners twisted around each other to keep it upright and strong enough to support the daisy.