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This week I’ve been featured over on Kids Parcel on their Blogger Toy Story Section.

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What was your favourite toys from your childhood and why?

My most favourite toy was my Petite Post Office. It was so much fun for an organised little bossy boots like me. It had lots of little sections for money, stamps and paperwork, and even a little hatch where you could ‘serve’ your customers. My heart broke a little the day my brother held it to ransom during an argument and then threw it down the stairs, smashing it horribly. I’ve never quite forgiven him for it!

What are your children’s favourite toys?

My 2 year old son just loves anything Thomas and Friends…in particular the mini trains that have magnets to connect them. He has lots of toy cars and a garage with ramps that he likes to let them roll down. My 4 year old daughter is getting into Barbie and also loves the creativity of Lego. She gets so excited to make her own little worlds with it. She also really likes board games like snakes and ladders and ludo. We like to keep thing traditional in our house, too.

Which of your children’s toys do you really like?

If I’d had the chance to play with any of my kids toys when I was little, it would have to be their scooters. My daughter has a flickr one that is amazing and it’s a fun way to keep them outdoors getting exercise. I wish I’d had one as a child.

Are there any of your children’s toys that you don’t like?

Kinetic sand. I really don’t get it. Apart from burying toys in it and pretending to dig them out like archaeologists, I never know what else to do with the damn stuff. Plus it gets EVERYWHERE!

If you were a child now, what toy would you be asking for?

It would be Frozen stuff. I don’t think I’d ever get sick of it. Anything with sparkles or Elsa on it and I’d be hooked. I think I’d also really be just to My Little Pony toys too. And aqua beads or hama beads.  They’re a lot of fun and you get to be creative without the mess!

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