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One of the absolutely cool things about having kids is the fact that you can re-live some of the exciting, magical aspects of your own childhood with them. Christmas, the Easter Bunny and all those other unique, enchanting characters can come alive again as you see your kids really truly believe in them. Don’t even get me started on seeing thier faces as you read a story to them. Of course, its just a bit of fun and it never did me any harm – I wasn’t scarred for life when I discovered the Tooth Fairy wasn’t real – I think it’s important for parents to encourage imagination, pretend play and creativity in thier little ones – it leads to originality and enterprise in later life. They believe in the world. They believe in themselves.

This weekend, Amelia and I enjoyed exploring a new craft; polymer clay. For some reason, this activity passed me by as a youngster, so I was almost as excited as she was when our selection of brightly coloured clays and shaping tools arrived in the post.

fairy 2

We had a look together at some ideas online, and found the notion of making a ‘fairy door’ rather charming. So we based our ideas on this one which I though was so pretty. I couldn’t imagine we could make one as beautifully detailed but it was great inspiration to get started.

fairy 3

We rolled, kneaded, shaped and squished. Amelia was very keen to use the cutters to make the teeny tiny buttons for the decorations and lo and behold – we managed it! I didn’t even burn it in the oven or anything. We cooked it at about 100 degrees celcius for about 20 minutes (it was still a little soft when it came out, but we rested it in the oven and just turned the oven off).


Now, it has pride of place on our (not as clean as it could be!) skirting board in the hall – all ready and waiting for the fairies to come and go as they please. She just loved hearing all about how the Tooth Fairy would come in some day and leave her shiny coins for her first tooth, and how Mummy hoped the Cleaning Fairies might come in and clean the skirting board!

Someone tell me – they’re real aren’t they?


Super Busy Mum