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Super Busy Mum
My first Linky! Thanks to Debs over at Super Busy Mum, I’ve finally got my head around the way Linkys work. I’m seriously dense about some aspects of blogging. (Please don’t tell anyone!) Of course it seems fitting that the Linky I’ve chosen to start with is a photography based one, as I’m never done snapping away at every opportunity – I always want to capture those memories and love looking back at them. Developing Life is a fantastic idea; and Deb’s photos on her blog are always so beautiful, so I aspire to try and make mine as beautiful.
So today, I’ve chosen a picture from the last week that really makes me smile. It captures a moment in the park when I allowed my son to run ahead on his own for the first time. Up until now its been strict hand holding and child harness (don’t judge, he’s a flight risk!) but I realised in this moment that he really isn’t a baby anymore. He’s a little person now, with his own opnions and choices. That thought made me a little sad, but happy too – seeing him grow and thrive is a wonderful experience.
Adam in the park
I’m really looking forward to sharing and linking up to @developing_life each week, and can’t wait to see what my fellow bloggers want to share, too!