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Nappies. Sometimes I’m up to my neck in them. (Never thought I’d be saying that phrase) And when I had my first child, I genuiney had no idea how to change a nappy. I remember being in hospital after she was born and some friends coming to meet her and one of them asked to help change her nappy and I suddenly realised ‘God, I actually don’t know how to do this!’ I hadn’t ever done it, or properly paid attention when I’d seen others do it. I made a point of watching out of the corner of my eye as she changed the nappy as I didn’t want to admit that I hadn’t a clue!

But of course we all learn one way or another and soon become so expert at it that we can do it in our sleep (sometimes, literally). Some people swear by certain brands of nappy. Some parents prefer to use re-useable nappies. Other Mums and Dads might just grab whatever brand of nappy is on offer in the supermarket.

For our part, we usually switch between a couple of brands, and our main criteria, especially this time around for our little man – is how it performs overnight. My son is a mammoth water drinker and therefore a quite impressive piddler. (Other children may vary!) Even with this, most nappies cope well during the day to be fair as regards leakage etc, because you change them often. But when your child is approaching 18 months and you don’t want to disturb them in the middle of the night, you want a nappy to be reliable enough to keep them dry.

You also want a nappy to be comfortable on them both during the night and the daytime – not to chafe or nip, and to fit them properly. Recently, I came across Kleenbots Nappies. They kindly sent me some nappies to try out with our little man and I jumped at the chance – let’s face it nappies are an expense! The beauty of these little nappies is that they are ordered directly online from the Kleenbots website and come delivered to your door. Definitely handy knowing you don’t have to traipse out to get some at the supermarket.


What did I like about Kleenbots nappies?

  • It’s a family run company, easy to contact and you can tell that they care about thier product.
  • They deliver a month’s supply directly to your door.
  • They have some features that I particularly liked – the wetness indicator and an elastic waistband. My son is a sturdy big boy on the 98th centile for height and weight and usually with nappies they are just too small around his waist – but these were great.
  • ReSEALable tape/tabs – this genuinely is class. I’m one of those Mums that has long, talon like artificial nails and I’m always fumbling with the tabs at the front of nappies then they get stuck to themselves or I rip them off by accident in my haste to get his lower regions covered before he piddles everywhere. These tabs stay sticky but magically don’t get stuck to themselves – fantastic.

Soft leg cuffs

  • They performed just as well (if not better) than some of the leading brands of nappies we’ve tried in the past, AND they’re cheaper.
  • It’s hard to explain; but there’s a softness to them, especially around the leg cuffs which seemed more comfortable.
  • And the final, most important point – my son, who has the piddling capacity of an elephant (really, it’s quite spectacular at times when he happens to be nappi-less) stayed dry all night and didn’t leak. Result.


What didn’t I like about Kleenbots nappies?

  • Nothing. Genuinely. I know they sent me a free sample, but bear in mind, they do the same for all new customers to decide for themselves, so trust me; anyone reading this can get some for their little one and try them out – you’ll most likely agree with me. A nappy that does what it promises and for less than the ones in the shop? Delivered to your door? Who wants more than that?



**A pack of nappies was provided by Kleenbots for this review. All opinons are my own