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I’m always blathering on about how my other half is a great cook – I once even applied on his behalf for BBC’s Masterchef and the producers rang him up for an interview…suffice to say he wasn’t amused, being slightly less fond of the spotlight than I.

Even so, he and I are always on the lookout for new recipes, trying out new tastes and enjoying passing on new flavour experiences to the children. We’re also always on the lookout for places to find food bargains and we’re always planning ways to budget our meals and be savvy about what we spend.


Which is why I was delighted to be invited along to check out a not-so-well-kept secret in Belfast called Lynas Food Services. I’d heard the name a few times and always recognised it but couldn’t figure out why…and then I realised why it was so familiar – they are the food wholesalers that supply food and cleaning products, and much more to pretty much everywhere you can think of in Northern Ireland; schools, restaurants, cafes, workplaces, hotels. And now they’re definitely on to something – because they’ve opened up a Food Outlet right in the heart of Belfast, on Montgomery Road, in addition to thier branches in Derry and Coleraine…and even better, unlike some other wholesalers, it’s open to the public.

So we went for a jaunt on Saturday and brought the kids along. Its really accessible with lots of parking, and what I LOVED (its the simple pleasures) was the fact that they keep trollies inside the premises, so that when you plop your child in the seat, you don’t have to wipe off all the raindrops – I seem to be doing that constantly these days. A very fun idea that they also have are the mini child sized trollies that kids can push around the store, which Amelia absolutely loved doing – it definitely kept her occupied while I was able to choose my groceries.


There are just so many great options in the store – from boxes of burgers, sausages, to large bags of chicken (all breast meat and locally sourced) and fish fillets – the choice really covers all bases. The only thing they don’t have is fresh vegetables, but there’s a plethora of frozen vegetables on offer. You can stock up on bulk bags of pasta, rice, large containers of tomato ketchup and mayonnaise; they also have a decent selection of cleaning products for the home as well as fresh meat – everything from big packs of bacon to rump steak and all for really fantastic prices, because you’re buying in bulk.

It is most definitely a place I will be going back to – and the staff were so friendly, too. Now all I have to do is get the other half cooking some new recipes…and maybe even convince him to get another Masterchef application in the post…

Look out on the blog soon for my recipe cooked with Lynas Food Outlet sourced ingredients. We all have very happy tummies in our house at the moment!