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2604743Anyone who crochets or knits will understand my problem.

I never have enough yarn.

Somewhere, I can hear my husband laughing so hard that he almost chokes on his derision…

Even though I have (roughly) 50 balls of yarn…or maybe slightly more than that *looks guiltily away*…it is sacred and must not be commented on, mocked, moved, touched or used by anyone else – especially my husband. I feel I constantly have to defend the fact that my tubbies and storage containers full of wool seem to be taking over the spare room – is that abnormal? Am I the only one?! I think not.

So here are my reasons that all other hookers and knitters will totally understand as to why the yarn stash is SACRED.

  1. You never know when you might need that colour/weight/type of yarn so you can’t throw it out. Yes, even that horrible pukey-brown colour.
  2. The tiniest, teensiest scraps of yarn are needed, even the ones smaller than a ping pong ball. For what? I don’t know and don’t ask me. I just need them.
  3. It’s pretty. I like seeing all the various colours piled up, just waiting for me to start working with them. It might take 5 years, but I’ll get there, so shut up.
  4. Look, I bought those skeins when I was going to make that puppet/poncho/ski mask that seemed like a good idea at the time. I’m not going to make it now. Don’t laugh.
  5. I bought it because I didn’t want anyone else to. Sue me.
  6. I have an addiction. It’s my drug. Please just accept me and love me anyway.
  7. Those tiny, half skeins? They were free with a magazine. Yes, I’m going to make the pattern that came with it…and I soooooooo remember where the magazine is…
  8. Look, Deramores had 25% off. I had to take advantage of that. So, what does it matter if there’s no petrol in the car?
  9. My friend who also crochets bought me that yarn. She understands me. We are one.
  10. I will never stop buying yarn. Ever.