crochet pic

Yes, I’m a hooker.

No, not that kind.

I love to crochet. A friend taught me a basic granny square a few years ago, and thanks to the wonder of YouTube, I gained confidence and am still learning all the time. For ages I’ve been saying I would include my various works in progress and projects on the blog, but never got round to it…that is, until now. So this page is for sharing ideas, patterns that I find useful online, patterns that (dare I say it) I might try to create myself if I get a bit more confident, and just generally talking about crochet to anyone else as happily geeky as me. For anyone based in my area, I’m a member of a crochet club and here is the link to our Facebook page, feel free to join and come along!

Recently, I’ve been working on a few projects. Several of my pals are expecting babies, so I decided to make the obligatory blankets. I hadn’t made a C2C (corner to corner) blanket before, so I found this great tutorial on YouTube by Bella Coco, which explained it so easily and clearly. I’ve made three blankets so far, one of which I used lots of leftover yarn with, and I was also surprised to see how quickly a C2C blanket makes up…definitely easier and quicker than a granny square or granny stripe in my opinion!

The first one is a bright, cheerful thick stripe…baby gender as yet unknown!


This one of course…is for a little boy who is on his way in the New Year…


And this is my leftover yarn buster…and actually my favourite (again, baby gender unknown)


Lots more projects to follow soon as quickly as my hook can manage them 🙂