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Ahoy there!

So this week in our world we enjoyed the fact that I am officially
free of work for the next eight weeks or so. Yay! That’s one perk that
teachers have to admit is amazing…getting a long summer (okay, not
necessarily a sunny long summer), but a long summer with the kiddies to
go on holiday, chill at home or go exploring in the local area; and now
that we have the little man, it’s even more fun.

We had a fantastic treat this week in Belfast of the Tall Ships arriving at our
shores. Our house has great views of Belfast Lough, well, from the
bathroom (!) and we could see the flags and masts of the graceful,
pretty ships fluttering in the breeze as they sailed in last week. So,
visiting the Tall Ships was definitely on our ‘to-do’ list.

Tall Ships Collage

And, as the other half works in ‘that-Swedish-shop-where-you-buy-all-the-furniture’, we were invited in at the weekend to partake of a family breakfast for
staff, before opening hours. It was great, especially for the kids. All
sorts of delicious breakfast treats were laid out, pastries, juices,
bacon baps, croissants, cereals….I could go on. Suffice to say the
diet was put on hold so I could eat; and myself, Amelia, the G Man and
the little man all enjoyed some food, painting, games and even a
treasure hunt. All in all, a great morning, and a great company to work
for. They really didn’t pay me to write that.

Then we kissed goodbye to ‘Dada’, and the kids and I headed
to see the Tall Ships. Amelia was extremely excited about getting to
see the ships, and I promised her some candyfloss, which she ended up
not being a fan of, saying; ‘There’s sparkles in it, yuck!’ so I had to
finish it, obviously! But she did enjoy some ice cream and a visit to
the funfair and of course, the obligatory face painting. The day out was
lovely, the first with the little man ‘on board’, (see what I did there?)and hopefully it is a promise of a great summer to come.

Only 7 fun filled weeks to go… I’m sure it will be smooth sailing.

I promise. No more sailing puns. 😉