I love food. I really do. There’s no denying it. And I love my family and my friends. And there’s no denying that spending time with family and friends can lead, inevitably to the eating, gorging and gorbing on delicious munchies. I’ve been there. Done that. This is why I’m overweight.

As we emerge from the dullness and socially barren wasteland that is January, we are all starting to go to more social events (well, with two kids I don’t really, but you know what I mean) Anyway, a wise friend invited me to her house for dinner and I was reminded that she once told me that when you’re watching your weight, you should never apologise for what you don’t eat – especially at a social occasion.

Feb Collage 1

Am I right in thinking that most of us who have attended a party or a meal or event have felt pressured to eat the food that is offered for fear of appearing rude or being a ‘party pooper’? I know I have. There’s nothing more cringey than having a plate of heavenly smelling crackers and cheese shoved in your face, or a mouthwatering wedge of Victoria sponge flaunted at you and having to say those hideous words;

‘No thanks, I’m on a diet.’


You feel like A) the biggest idiot and B) a total spoilsport and not to mention C) completely angry that you can’t join in everyone else and have some cake. Then you spend the rest of the party resenting the cake like its your worst enemy and eventually sneaking off to the toilet with the cake shoved into your handbag; sobbing and shoving it down your throat. Anybody? No? Just me?

But my friend once reminded me that you are the one that puts the food in your own mouth and you are the only one who has control over it so you should never feel ashamed to just say ‘no thanks’. Despite the slight embarrassment and initial feeling of ‘weirdness’; it won’t actually bother or affect anyone else in the room if you do or don’t eat that garlic doughball – but it will affect YOU. YOUR WEIGHT. YOUR SELF ESTEEM. So with that in mind, my advice to myself and to anyone else trying to lose weight – if you’re out at a social gathering, plan ahead. If you’re going to have a treat – make sure you stop at the appropriate amount. If you’re not going to have a treat, eat something filling and healthy before you leave the house or bring a low calorie snack with you.

Some other recipes that helped me through the week were The Hairy Dieter’s Healthy Cottage Pie, my Mum’s Homemade Vegetable Soup, and if you’re on the go, the Marks and Spencer Feta Cheese with Slow Roasted Tomatoes Pasta Salad is only 9 Propoints, according to my calculator.

I went to my wise friend’s house last weekend for dinner and some drinks and she cooked the loveliest vegetable stir fry, and for dessert we had low sugar meringue nests, fresh fruit and yoghurt – our own low calorie Eton Mess.

Neither of us had to apologise for what we ate…

…and the drinks. Well, we have to have a treat to stay human, don’t we?

Getting on the scales this week was a pleasant 2lb loss. Happy days.

Weight Loss: 2lbs

Total Weight Loss: 1 Stone 9lbs (23lbs)