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Sooooo. I made it through January. But not without some hiccups. (No, they weren’t hiccups caused by overeating.) I know, even I’m surprised! January has seen me get to my stone and a half marker! Wayhey! That’s 21lbs.

I had to battle a shocking head cold which made all food taste the same to me, so it was really hard to enjoy what I was eating. This would normally make me turn in disgust to junk food. But not this time, I really didn’t want to undo all the good I’d done since Christmas. I managed to make sensible food choices and lost 3lbs on my return from being ill, and managed to get to a stone and a half loss.

What I didn’t do last week though, was ‘track’ my points, which on Weight Watchers, is very much the point (if you’ll pardon the pun) I did eat ‘well’ and I didn’t eat any rubbish, but I think I would have done even better if I hadn’t stopped tracking.

PicMonkey Collage January 2

I enjoyed a lot of fish this last week, and I really do think that helped too, especially ‘The Hairy DietersFishcakes which the G Man had a go at making; delicious. I also LOVE the smoked salmon with dill dressing from IKEA, and I’m never out of that place so it stands to reason I should have my lunch there too! And stir fry, as always, was a weekly favourite.

So my plan for this week is twofold.

1. Track my points. It really isn’t hard, and I quite like the organised nature of it.

2. Don’t eat after dinnertime midweek (unless its a zero point totally healthy snack) I really do think it will help my metabolism and weight loss.

I really hope that by the end of February I will have my 28lb (2 stone) certificate…fingers crossed.

Weight Loss: 3lbs

Total Weight Loss: 1 stone 7lbs (21lbs)