I rarely use this blog to have a rant.

But here it is.

Prepare yourself for a rant.


I’m not one of those Mums who is territorial about ‘Parent and Child’ parking spaces. Well, actually that’s a lie. I am. I’m very territorial about them. But not for the reason you might expect. To all those out there who think that us parents just want to get parked closer to the shop door let me tell you *adopts soap box booming voice* YOU’RE WRONG! YOU’RE SO WRONG!

My point of view is, that I personally require the use of that type of parking space at the local supermarket because it is difficult at times, actually, nigh on IMPOSSIBLE to get your baby carrier car seat out of the car without banging into and scraping the paintwork on the car next to yours. And sometimes, if the spaces are particularly small, you actually can’t even get the door to open far enough to remove your infant from the car. It isn’t the proximity to the front doors of the shop, it’s the wide space either side that Mums and Dads badly need to be able to extricate their offspring from their car.

‘Nuff said.

‘Nuff being said, I have more to say, oh yes. I had a minor ‘altercation’ the other day (I say ‘minor altercation’ it was more like me screeching like a fishwife while he was rooted to the spot in terror) with a local bank manager who had the nerve to park in a parent and child space, with the full intention of; *now adopts Miss Trunchbull bellow* NOT EVEN GOING INTO THE SHOP! LET ALONE THE FACT THAT HE DIDN’T HAVE CHILDREN IN HIS CAR!!! He was heading into the bank that he works in next door.

How do I know this? Because he is my bank manager. I snapped. I completely snapped and turned into SUCH a bitch. I couldn’t help it. I had bitten my lip at countless others who had thoughtlessly sailed into such spaces ahead of me when I knew they didn’t need them. This poor guy got the brunt of it but in a way, why not? Once I had circled the car park and done another lap to find another space I noticed he had moved his car to a ‘normal’ space. Fair play to him, he must have realised he was in the wrong. Either that or he was afraid I might get a crowbar from my boot and go a bit ape-shit on him. That probably seemed like a real possibility at the time.

In all seriousness though, I genuinely wouldn’t park in a disabled space. I honestly wouldn’t park in a Parent and Child space without my kids in the actual car, so I appeal to people’s better nature, parents and non-parents…leave the spaces for those who need them.


Now I need some advice…how do I go about changing banks? I’m afraid to show my face!! 🙂