You’d think, wouldn’t you, by the title of this post, that I was talking about one or other of our lovely children? Nope. While of course they are little miracles to me, this particular miracle is something else entirely. I hear you ask, what is it that you’re talking about? What could be more miraculous than the existence of your children? Well, I will tell you.

It is something that helps your children stay in bed and sleep all night.

Anyone who isn’t a parent yet and is reading this is probably thinking ‘Oh how COULD she think that something is more miraculous than her kids?!’ but any seasoned parents reading this will know that anything, ANYTHING that helps your kids sleep and YOU get some catchup sleep, for that matter, is a Godsend. Because it means that in your waking hours, you get more quality, rested and happy times with your little ones. That, plus you don’t look like a washed out dishrag that’s been round the block too many times…

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages, because I’m constantly recommending this product to friends with children. It’s the Gro Clock. Oh. My. Lord. The transformation it created when we bought it for Amelia’s second birthday. We gave her the serious talk about how she was a ‘big girl now’ and had her own clock, and explained to her that when the clock was blue she had to stay in bed, but when the ‘sun comes up’ and the clock turns yellow, she can get up and call Mummy and Daddy – it took about three days of explaining and getting up at all hours to coax her back into bed, but seriously – in less than a week she had a total grasp of the concept and most nights now, especially that her little brother has arrived and things are more unsettled, she is able to get back into bed with an understanding that the clock will tell her when it is daytime.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 22.47.47

I’m sure it depends on the child’s age, grasp of the concept and general fact that they have to ‘buy in’ to the process – but for us it worked. We went from having to share her bed each night, taking turns getting out of our own bed to after a week being able to settle her back down fairly quickly. I would highly recommend it to any parents who are struggling to keep their toddler in bed.

Sweet Dreams. 🙂