December began off well, as I joined back with WW at the beginning of November, 6 weeks after Adam was born (they don’t let you join before that) and believe it or not, after 4 weeks I’ve lost 1 stone and 2lbs! That’s 16lbs for any Americans reading this. I’m so SO pleased. I know it has been a drastic loss mainly because it was probably a shock to my system and I know that the weight loss will slow down gradually, and I will be happy to lose a pound a week from now on. I’ve managed to have some treats (as long as I’ve kept track of them) as well as eating proper portions of healthy, nutritious food. But…I’ve even been able to have my occasional cheeky glass of wine!


I had my work Christmas Party last weekend, a rather wonderfully messy night where the drink was flowing, and a certain ‘friend’ didn’t do what she was supposed to, which was stop me after four drinks…ended up becoming my ‘enabler’…but I love her anyway! Adam’s christening is this coming weekend, and of course there’s Christmas Day itself, all occasions where food and drink is plentiful, so watch this space for how it all shapes up! 🙂