Old friends. We love them, don’t we? That familiarity, that comfort, that recognition.

An old friend has visited me again recently. Her name is Fat.

Yep, she’s back in all her glory. All her wobbly, cumbersome, button-popping glory.

God, I hate her.

After the journey and challenge of losing four, yes, FOUR stone after I had Amelia, I managed to slowly but surely gain it all back, pound upon pound. The wee buggers must have crept in when I was asleep and absorbed themselves into my skin. I can kid myself, can’t I? Ahem. You can see my earlier blog post, A Weighty Issue, where I talk about my weight loss journey the first time around.

Weight Watchers Collage

Well, here it is again – I’m back at Weight Watchers and am even more determined this time. I did it before and I will do it again. It’s been two weeks since I went back and I’ve lost eleven pounds already so it’s going well. I’ve found a couple of yummy recipes and made a few of my own too which I will publish here soon. I also love eating at Slim’s Healthy Kitchen…a treat which is totally guilt free and absolutely yummy.

My motivation? Well, apart from wanting to be an active, healthy Mum, I only have maternity and size 12 clothes in my wardrobe – and I’m skint. So it’s either diet or walk around in the nip…and no-one wants to see that, trust me.