I’d never heard the phrase ‘Gentleman’s Family’ before the 1st October; and when our family grew that day with the arrival of our son, Adam, the congratulations flowed in; with lots of people telling us that we must be pleased with our ‘Gentleman’s Family’ – I’m not sure where this phrase comes from, and maybe its just something people say here in NI, but either way I thought it was charming. Not least of all because I can now achieve my dream of dressing all four of us up as Mary Poppins, Bert and the Banks Children for future Halloween parties!

Children-2But of course, that’s not the reason we have two children, the hope was for Amelia to have a sibling, and for us to have another child to love. And we’re so lucky to have that with the arrival of Adam. She has taken to him brilliantly, and excepting the occasional attention seeking pretend cough and sore tummy, she has adapted to the changes well and quite simply, loves him.

Second time around for us, we definitely feel more confident. There’s less anxiety about getting bottles prepared, changing nappies and so forth. I thought I had forgotten the basics of caring for an infant, but it all comes rushing back to you straight away, which was a relief. And I’m starting to get excited about the two children getting to know each other and hopefully enjoying each other’s company as they grow up together. Of course I am not a ridiculous optimist, I’m well aware having grown up with a twin brother of my own that there are bound to be arguments, some of them, I’m sure, quite spectacular. But overall, there is lots to look forward to for all of us.

Now, I’d better get around to changing the name of this blog…since I’m not just Amelia’s Mum anymore! Watch this space. 🙂