I have a dream.

No, it’s not quite as inspiring as the dream you’re thinking of. It’s to do with Halloween, more specifically, Halloween costumes. Yes, since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of dressing up as Mary Poppins…and since our little son came along two weeks ago (a separate blog post to follow on that) I now have the components to make up an entire family costume of Mary, Bert, and the two kids. The G Man is not too thrilled about this fact.

I know what you’re thinking, the chance to dress up in a pretty white dress and hat is NOT the reason I had children; I’m not THAT loopy. (I think…)

But anyway, the point is, I LOVE Halloween. I love dressing up and acting ridiculous, and having kids makes that SO much more acceptable these days! I blogged about making a costume for Amelia’s first Halloween, which was a lot of fun, but this year of course, with a new baby in the house and recovery from a c-section, there really hasn’t been the opportunity or time to be able to make costumes.

TinkerbellSo where does a gal go when she needs a Halloween costume for her child, but doesn’t have the time to make it? Where does a gal go when she needs something affordable that won’t break the bank? Well, we looked online and checked out George at Asda’s range. Instantly, Amelia’s eyes lit up when she saw the Holy Grail of costumes in the toddler world….Tinkerbell!

And that was that. It arrived last week and she pretty much wants to wear it all the time, so I keep having to explain to her about Halloween night, and that we will be having a party in the house and she will get to be Tinkerbell all evening. Excitement isn’t the word.

I guess I will have to wait a few more years before I get to be Mary Poppins…..*sigh*