Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with some fellow Northern Ireland based bloggers. Having heard all about the big-scale conferences and meet ups that take place for bloggers in England (and always being jealous that I could never afford to go) it was nice to finally have a NI based event. Even though there was only a few of us, it was such a lovely morning, everyone was enthusiastic and so keen to get to know each other and hopefully it is the beginning of many more events for us to come.



To keep the good vibe going, I thought I’d create a little ‘Top Ten’ to record my feelings and experiences on the day…

1. What was your hope for the day?

I suppose my main hope was that I would get to meet some nice people who had similar interests and that we would all get along. Also not to crash the car on the way while transporting a fellow blogger, Deborah and her lovely daughter! Deborah and I had a lovely chat on the way, realizing our joint love and devotion for the amazing man in the blue box – The Doctor, as well as many other typically fangirl/geeky type TV shows.

2. Your feelings that morning?

A bit nervous, worried that Amelia might misbehave or distract me too much from getting to know people. I was also very excited to meet everyone, and I’d heard on the grapevine that the lovely Vicki, who arranged the MeetUp, had organized some goodie bags, so that made it even more exciting! A separate blog post to follow on the gorgeous goodies we got!

3. Any worries about what to expect?

I was a teeny bit worried about what the actual topics of conversation would be, and (even though I can talk for Ireland) would I be able to contribute? What would other people think of me? Had I read their blog? Had they read mine? Did it matter? I also knew how to get to Moira, where we were meeting, but I didn’t know where The Pottery Yarn was, but we got there in the end, through the pouring rain, and were made very welcome. We got to paint some beautiful ceramic mugs (mine kind of looks like a 5 year old did it, but it was great fun!)

4. First person you met?

Deborah when I picked her up on the way…but I’d also met Rebecca before at a charity fashion event, so I knew I would have a friendly face there already. We were the last to arrive (I blame our children, because they can’t argue back!) but it didn’t matter, everyone was so lovely.

5. Favourite part of the day?

I think towards the end of lunch, when it was definitely clear that we all got along really well, and there was talk of another meet up! The table was a mess (mainly due to Amelia) and we were chatting like old friends.

6. Something you learned about someone else?

I learned that some of my fellow bloggers, like Jean, are big into crochet, like I am, and that the other two Emma’s were/soon to be English teachers! Must be something about the name…

7. Something/someone that surprised you?

I forgot how tall Rebecca was! (jealous)

8. What you liked most about the day?

Sharing stories and tidbits about ourselves, and I also liked how relaxed and informal it was…so scary ‘icebreakers’ etc. Vicki organized it well.

9. Something/someone that made you laugh?

Vicki, when she seemed so relieved that we had all turned up! 🙂

10. Ideas for next meetup/future meet ups in general?

Love the idea of a ‘sleepover’ – provided it’s after I have this baby, so I can partake of some lovely alcohol!!


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