Three months of my life have literally just disappeared.

Gone. Forgotten. It’s like I never existed for those three months. Not in my life, barely in my job, hardly with my family and totally invisible on this blog.

And why might this be, I hear you enquire?

Because baby number two is on the way. Oh yes.

We are delighted with the news, and so SO excited that Amelia will have a little brother or sister come October. And now that I’m slowly emerging from the fog of the first trimester, rubbing my bleary, fatigued eyes and stretching, I can now admit with some clarity that it has been tough so far. And I wasn’t prepared for that at ALL. With Amelia, my pregnancy was quite smooth sailing; very little nausea, not too much tiredness, no funny sense of smell or aversions (apart from tea) and I only had discomfort and horrific heartburn right at the very end.

So this time, I thought, easy peasy.

Baby thinks differently.

This pregnancy, so far, could not be more different from the first. I read like a complete text book of symptoms….

1. Nausea that lasted from week 5 to more or less last week. I have very recent memories of lying watching the figure skating in the Winter Olympics, swigging ginger beer (ugh, UGH) and trying SO hard to look and behave normally so Amelia wouldn’t keep asking; “Mummy sick?” Nothing prepares you for the horrible, plastic-feeling in the bottom of your stomach, that heaves over you and makes you feel SO strange. And I’m DAMNED if it can be called morning sickness….more like all-day-from-the-second-you-wake-up-until-the-second-you-crawl-into-bed-again-a-shadow-of-your-former-self-sickness. Seriously.

2. Disgusting. DISGUSTING. Taste. In. My. Mouth. All the time. Fruit Polos fresh oranges and ice lollies have kept me human, I kid you not.Ice Lollies

3. Headaches. Say no more. Paracetamol (which I take with caution when pregnant….does NOTHING)

4. Smells. Oh, God the smells.

5. The gagging. Oh God the gagging.

And I’m ALREADY in maternity wear. What is it with the second time around the bump appearing much sooner? Plus I’ve put on weight so I’m waiting for someone who hasn’t seen me in ages to say; “Oh, are you 30 weeks?”

But I can deal with that, trust me.

So, I warn you in advance that you will probably see a few more pregnancy related blog posts here from me in the next while, as I try to manage, toddler, bump, job, family, and friends…although as workloads go, it is a pretty blessed one, so I would never complain. 😉

Now, does anyone have any tips for explaining the imminent arrival of a younger sibling to a toddler….?