Many of us new, shaky legged, bambi-esque parents are absolutely terrified when we first bring baby home, and among many of the burning questions that rage through our minds is the biggie…

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Will my baby be a good sleeper?

Now, I know what you’re thinking, what even constitutes a ‘good’ sleeper? For some parents, its a whole blissful night of uninterrupted sleep. For others, they are happy if they manage to snag a few hours in a row before the wailing and gnashing of ever-so-tiny teeth begins. If they’re even that lucky.

Us? We are definitely lucky ones. Amelia is a pretty good sleeper. We only had a rare night here or there with either illness or teething rearing their ugly heads to wake us up, and we would just try to manage.

She got to a year old. Great. No worries. Sleeping well. All good.

She got to 14 months. Great. No worries. Sleeping well. All good.

She got to 18 months……ah CRAP. Lots of worries. Not sleeping well. Not so good.

When I googled it….(I pretty much google everything, by the way – and when the hell did Google become a verb?) anyway, when I googled it, all this stuff came up in the search results about ‘sleep regression at 18 months’.


ANY NEW PARENTS or PARENTS TO BE reading this – I WILL TELL YOU NOW. You will THINK you’ve CRACKED it. You will THINK you’ve got a routine going or that it’s all SMOOTH SAILING…that will last for all of four seconds.

Then the goalposts will change. All will not be as it was. And you know what? You just have to deal with it and move onwards and upwards.

To tell you the truth I felt much better knowing it was normal. That it probably won’t last and will pass. I know we are very lucky that she sleeps well, so I wouldn’t dare complain about this brief sleepless interlude in our lives, but let’s hope it ends soon….yawn. 🙂