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Remember the ‘good old days’ when there were only four TV channels? I do. I remember when we would be allowed to sit up late and watch Friday night television and have a chinese takeaway, settling down as a family to watch Roseanne, Cheers and The Golden Girls. Any children of the 80s will be reading this and nodding their heads and smiling that wistful smile, as they think of those hazy days when Marty McFly was on our screens on Christmas Day and Del Boy and Rodney were up to their adventures on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Anyone born after 1990 or so is probably still reading the first line of this post and thinking incredulously; ‘four TV channels…? FOUR???

Yes. Four.


I have to say, since having Amelia, I don’t know what I would do with out the mod cons associated with TV watching – it means I can pause or record what I want, while at the same time making sure she has her bedtime routine of Cbeebies Night Garden and I’m not going round the twist thinking; ‘I wonder if Kat and Alfie are getting back together yet on Easties?’ I have that reassurance that I will watch it later on.

These days we are spoiled for choice with TV, and that’s not just the sheer number of channels available, anything from ‘God TV’ to the ‘Craft Channel’ – but the features that come along with your remote control are literally like something we could only dream of when I was young. Live Pause? On Demand? It’s amazing. And you’d think with all these amazing facilities at our fingertips, we would have no issue with being able to watch what we want, when we want, and have absolutely no arguments, rows or issues with other family members when our programmes clash…

But…no. According to Brighthouse, who talked to almost 4000 ‘telly addicts’, the Wars of the Remotes (see what I did there?) still continue – and no house is free from it. Well, maybe houses who don’t have TVs….but you know what I mean. After seeing their info-graphic, TV Remote Habits, it sort of reassured me that our house is not the only one that sees this silent (and sometimes not so silent) battle take place.

Coming from an extended family who spend a lot of time together and share TV experiences, I think the infographic statistics are helpful in reminding us that we aren’t the only family having arguments over ‘what to watch’ and shouting manically down the stairs during baby’s bathtime; ‘don’t forget to live pause Strictly!’

I don’t tend to bother arguing so much these days about the remote control and who is in charge of it…my biggest issue these days is stopping Amelia from getting hold of it and accidentally cancelling all my set recordings for Modern Family!

Although I must say, I do kind of miss those days before we could afford MTV and we would record Top of the Pops and The Chart Show to create our own ‘music videos’, and then watch them with our friends, pretending to be rich kids…anyone else do that…? Anyone…? No? Just me, then… 😉