After seeing this Meme on Not my Year Off, a lovely blog written by Tas, I just had to do it. I begged her to tag me so that I could continue the thread and add my ideas about what I might put into room 101…

1. Smoking. Bleurgh. I know it’s obvious. Lots of people hate smoking and anything to do with cigarettes. I can’t help it though, I just feel so strongly about it that it had to be my number one for Room 101. What’s to like about it? And before you ask, yes, I did try a cigarette, all be it a good few years ago, and yes I did inhale. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. It stinks. Clothes stinks. Hair stinks. Skin stinks. Sofas, cushions, curtains, houses stink. Cars stink…well you get the picture. Not to mention that it causes cancer. Enough said.

2. Emmerdale. JESUS CHRIST. What is the POINT of this programme? Someone PLEASE tell me? I’m forced to watch it when other people in the house want to, but LORD GOD SAVE US. The bad acting, the horrific script, the fake tan, the shiny hair and the plethora of people who seem to do nothing but drink gin and tonics at 11am in the Woolpack and murder people and sleep with all and sundry in this tiny little village…all serve to make me sit there several nights a week and wish I was sitting tied to a chair instead, being forced to listen to Cliff Richard songs for endless hours while being force fed picked herring. Not kidding.

3. Herbal Tea. (Excuse me while I run to the toilet to be sick….) My best friend LOVESHerbal Tea herbal tea. Loves it. Recommends it to me all the time. I try it. Really, I do. The last one she gave me looked so lovely, in such a pretty package, all pink and gorgeous and inviting. So; I boiled the kettle, got my ‘I heart NY’ mug (a favourite from our honeymoon) and poured myself a cup, all hopeful, thinking; ‘This time, I’ll like it. This time it will be lovely’….

It tasted like hot shampoo. Never again.

4. 50 Shades of Grey. Worst book I’ve ever read. Total hype. Bandwagon. Utter tripe. Repetitive. Uninspiring. Poor grammar. Unrealistic characters. As an English teacher I have read prose from 15 year old students that is a million times better than that horrific excuse for a book. I can’t believe everyone was sucked in to it. I’m just glad I had the sense not to buy them as a trilogy and stopped after the first pathetic offering of utter drivel. A blight on the good name of literature. *shakes fist*

5. Ending with a biggie….sectarianism. Okay, anyone who knows me knows I’m far from political. And I’m not taking sides here – I’m not even informed enough to take sides. But I’m sick of living in a place that has SO much going for it, but is overshadowed by constant bigotry, (on both sides) ignorance (on both sides) and let’s face it…hatred. NI has SO many amazingly lovely people (of ALL backgrounds), such fantastic attractions, towns, cities, shops, lakes, beaches, theatres, communities, pubs, concert halls and I could go on and on….but so often, we only see and hear the negative side of living in Northern Ireland. Such a small minority of people who prefer to voice their issues in a violent way are unfortunately the ones who ruin the reputation of a place that could be great…that IS great.

I’ve tagged the lovely Becca at Rainbow Mummy Blog!