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babyproof imageBaby proofing….that vast, unknown world of equipment; items, gadgets, clips, locks, protectors and God knows what else. That was a world I dreaded. I still hate it, actually.

We all know that no house is child-safe, not naturally, anyway. But some are more easily adapted, converted or altered than others. We live in a three storey, Victorian house, over 100 years old. Lovely, you might think. And it is, well, it was, until Amelia got on to her feet and upwardly mobile! Then it became the baby version of ‘Wipeout’.

The place is terrifying. Not for her, for me. I’m sure all new parents are scared of all the household hazards that could cause problems for their little one, and we are no different. But until this week, I definitely was going ‘overkill’. We have a baby gate covering the archway between two rooms, so apart from going to the park and other places, Amelia did most of her playing in the one space because I was too scared to give her free reign…and don’t get me started on safety locks for cabinets and cupboards…they DON’T suit all styles of furniture and kitchens. So currently, our cleaning cupboard looks like a chemical free-for-all…scary. We are still trying to find suitable safety locks that work on our cabinets.

But today, Amelia herself ended up having to tell me. She told me, in her own way, that she wants to explore her own home. She took me by the hand with lots of gesticulating and pointing, and led me into the other room. And who could blame her? She is well and truly vertical and steady on her pins, and she wants to learn about the world around her. So, we let her loose.

….she didn’t run straight to the sink cupboard and start swigging bleach like a thirsty man who sees water in a desert.

….she didn’t trail all the glassware out of the cupboard under the microwave.

She did try to plunge her hand into the bin, and she did splash her hand about in the dog’s water bowl. Big deal. She find this hilarious, by the way.

Of course we will have to keep a close eye on her, but for now, I think she has taught me that I need to relax and trust her more. Trust that she is learning, and listening and above all…having fun.

Maybe I can convince her to help me with the dishes…?