Okay, I have a confession…

I love having a little daughter.

No, that’s not the confession.

The confession is that one of the reasons I love having a little daughter is that for her birthday I got to do PARTY DECORATIONS!!!!!

(I will wait while all the cool people click away from this page.)

Are they gone? Good. Now that it’s just us geeky crafters (and maybe my Mum) left, I’m sure you will agree with me that there is something really fun about letting loose with craft paper, scissors, buttons, glitter, flowers and a million other craft supplies and items in order to festoon a room with decorations.

I decided on a yellow theme, mainly because it’s a lovely springtime colour, and also she is obsessed with Spongebob Squarepants and Yellow Ducks in her bathtub. So, you see why I went there!


In our hallway, I began with an idea I saw on Pinterest, which involved using a chalkboard with the birthday girl’s favourite things and some facts and fun things written on it in colourful chalk. I decorated the frame of the chalkboard with some yellow trim that I stole found in work, and attached some yellow balloons. It was a nice way to decorate the entrance to the party with very little effort. Plus I felt like a five year old, writing on the chalkboard!

I then decided to use an idea that I’d seen here and decorate our living room above the fireplace SONY DSCwith bright yellow tissue paper pom poms as well as some bright pink ones, which I think contrasted well and gave things a ‘girly’ feel. Our living room has a very old fashioned, rustic brick fireplace, so I think the pom poms brightened everything up, and along the other wall I SONY DSCcreated a paper chain wall feature, which brightened up the room and created a backdrop that was in keeping with the theme. It took a while to create the strips of paper, but it was such an inexpensive way to create an easy but effective decoration.

As well as these decorations, I went to the local supermarket the morning of the party and bought as many marked down yellow flowers as I could, which allowed for small splashes of colour throughout the house, which meant that the theme continued in different rooms, but with very little effort. And of course, we had to allow some room for Amelia’s favourite yellow pals…the rubber ducks.

Now to get planning her 2nd birthday theme…any suggestions?