We all have a cause that is close to our hearts. Some of us like to donate money to animal charities. Some of us like to give our items to a third world charity shop. Others might give of their time to a homeless hostel.

All fantastically worthy causes. Anyone who gives of themselves to help another person is most definitely an admirable and kind human being.

I have to admit, I’ve never gone above and beyond for charity. Oh, I’ve done the odd thing; sponsored a friend to run a marathon, a pupil for a sponsored walk (wish it had been a sponsored silence!) and I’ve helped friends out with their own charity events.

But I’ve never been passionate about fundraising, until now.

I think until something comes close to home, you never really think about it. Of course you care, and you try to do a little bit, but you never really push yourself.  When we got a call with the news that my cousin’s son Sam had been diagnosed with cancer at only 21 months old, it really affected us. We wanted to do anything and all we could to help. It just puts so many things into perspective and reminds you how important family is, no matter how far apart they live from each other. It’s so wonderful to see my family (who are scattered across the world) pull together to help out.

I’ve decided to do a charity event in the form of a Pop-Up Restaurant where I live, in the hope that I can raise some money to give to the charity that has been set up to help Sam, this little boy who is going through very difficult and tiring treatment at the moment. It is hoped that the money raised by all of us will go towards any future treatment that Sam might need in Europe or America, and also will help other children in his situation.


If any readers of this blog live in Belfast/Northern Ireland and would like to buy a ticket, please get in touch via twitter, this blog, or email me to make a booking.

Tickets are only £20 per head.

Or even make a donation at their website www.togetherforsam.com

Anything you can give will be appreciated.