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My Mummy recently took me to get my very first haircut. She had just come back from visiting Aunty Ciara and Uncle Ben and she had missed me very much. It was a lovely sunny Saturday; so she put me in the pram and we went up to see Paul at Color’s Hairdressing.

Paul is Mummy’s lovely hairdresser – Mummy said that if I called him ‘lovely’, she might get a free haircut! 😉

I fell asleep on the way up there, but I woke up when we arrived and I was all ready to be pampered! Paul was very nice, he put me on Mummy’s knee in the big chair and explained to me that I was going to get my hair cut like a big grown up girl, and that Mummy would get to keep a lock of my hair. Then he began to snip at my little soft baby curls, but he was very gentle and careful and I got to eat my grapes while he worked.

Mummy looked a bit weepy as he cut my hair, like she was going to cry or something, but she managed to keep it together for the most part.

What a wuss.

I can’t wait to go back…maybe I will get a mohican next time… 😉