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When you start to get into the swing of the whole weaning thing, it really can be kind of fun. Introducing your baby to new foods and flavours is weirdly exciting, it almost feels like an important kind of game, making sure they eat all their portion, get the right amount of the food groups and so forth.

It is also a massive and scary responsibility.

I don’t want Amelia to have any food hangups. None of her Dad’s irrational dislike of seafood or mushrooms, none of her Mum’s issues with…actually I don’t have any food hangups, I’d pretty much eat anything. And have been known to. Frequently. Actually maybe that’s my food hangup. ..

Ahem…anyway, where was I? Oh yes, since we started weaning Amelia, she has tried so many different foods, from avocado to chicken, and more recently we have begun to move her on to small finger sized sticks of food. Cheese, toast, carrots and so forth.

This. Terrifies. Me.

It is the silliest thing, and a Mum friend of mine recently reminded me that babies gums are really hard and they will be able to chew on their food and they won’t shove the entire stick down their throat. She is right, of course, but I’m watching Amelia like a hawk every time I give her a stick of food. But so far so good, she is learning fast and is enjoying most things we give her. I need to chill. Out.

I’m starting to really look forward to making her meals now that she is trying more foods, I have a great Annabel Karmel cookbook that has some lovely recipes for first tastes.

So onwards and upwards with the weaning. I wonder if I could persuade her Dad to try some pureed mushroom? I think I would have a better chance of getting him to prance around in a frock and high heels to be honest…