Okay. Judge me all you want.

Or not.

Either way I did it. Yes, I’m one of those Mums.

I entered my baby in a competition. A ‘Bonny Baby’ competition.

Don’t get all high and mighty on me, it’s not like she is wearing lycra and glitter lip gloss – I haven’t gone that far…sheesh!

It’s a local competition in a newspaper and the prize is £1000 for first place.


One. Thousand. Pounds.

I could really do with £1000.


I could buy £1000 scratch cards (oohhh, tempting)

Or I could buy £1000 worth of Mars Bars.

Or a holiday to America.

Or liposuction….oh just occurred to me, that’s a good one.

But I won’t. It will be deposited into Amelia’s bank account for future university fees or to buy her a car when she is old enough.

Maybe you could spread the love and vote for my little baby? I would vote for yours, really I would! All you have to do is text 84555. Text the word BABY then a space then 155. Texts cost 50p, and feel free to text more than once if you’re rich. 🙂

Maybe you could ask your Dad, Mum, husband, wife, sister, brother, cousin, Aunt, Uncle, or a friend to text the number too? Tell them you will love them forever/do the hoovering/pay for dinner etc. It will make you feel like a good person. And it could win us £1000.

Thanks in advance!

**Bear in mind, if she gets through to the semi-final I will be repeating my pleas!!