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Emergency banana.

Those two words completely encapsulate what it means to me to travel with an infant.

Emergency banana. Emergency. Banana. You MUST have the emergency banana packed in the changing bag. Without the emergency banana, you cannot relax, you cannot enjoy, you cannot plan ahead for the journey. As long as the emergency banana is there, all will be okay.

And you know what? That’s true. Seriously.

I lost count of the amount of times I asked the G Man; “Did you pack the emergency banana?” while we were visiting Amelia’s Godparents, Uncle B and Aunty C, in Bristol. Please bear in mind, it wasn’t the same banana for the whole week, we did refresh the said banana many times, and it was also consumed in part by Amelia on several occasions throughout the week, we did not repack the same banana each time…just felt I had to clarify that…Also, she ate many other things that just one banana….I’ll stop now.

Anyway, we had our first major trip away from home with a 6 month old, and we survived! This was partly due to good planning on our part, lots of support and help from the people we were visiting, and the fact that Amelia is, on the whole, a very good natured baby, and therefore a good natured traveller. She did SO well in the car and on the ferry, I was SO relieved. I had visions of her screaming and bawling in the lounge on the ferry and bothering people, but she didn’t – she was fairly quiet and slept for some of it. Phew.

That was a first. And there were lots of firsts on this trip to England which I will enjoy telling Amelia about when she is older:-

1. The first time she stayed in her Godparents house.

2. The first time she was in Wales and England.

3. The first time she was in Devon (a place very close to our hearts due to the wonderfully kind hospitality of Uncle B’s parents)

4. The first time she was at the beach.

5. The first time she fed ducks.

6. The first Halloween she celebrated (a separate blog post to come on that one!)

7. The first time she ate cheese (yes, more to come on that, too)

…and many more. We had the most wonderful time on our holiday. I know many people will understand when they read this, but there is something so lovely about staying with good friends who totally ‘get’ you, who are almost like family to you. That’s how we feel about Uncle B and Aunty C, Amelia is so lucky to have them as Godparents, as we are to have them as friends, and it will be lovely to look back on this holiday with fond memories in the years to come and remember that it was Amelia’s first proper trip away – and we all loved it.

I especially loved it.

Thanks to the emergency banana.