1.  Get down to my target weight.

2. See Egypt, New Zealand and San Francisco.

3. Visit my relatives in Canada.

4. Buy myself a diamond bracelet/necklace/earrings. Real ones. None of this cubic zirconia crap.

5. Learn to make macaroons.

6. Learn how to make my own clothes.

7. Finish my Level 2 British Sign Language (got Level one, but didn’t finish level 2).

8. Meet Sean Bean (you might not ‘get it’ but its important to me, okay?)

9. Bring Amelia on amazing holidays.

10. Watch all of ‘Lost’ properly, I, ironically, ‘lost’ track of it.

11. See some of the West End/Broadway musicals I haven’t seen yet (separate list!)

12. Fly first class. Anywhere.

13. Write a book. (Don’t laugh)

14. Properly learn how to read the tarot.

15. Share my favourite movies with Amelia, especially ‘Gone With The Wind’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’

16. Sell my crochet items at a craft fair.

17. Play ‘Miss Adelaide’ in “Guys and Dolls’ – will never happen! 😦

18. Own a 4×4. A shiny black or silver one.

19. Do something big and exciting for charity – although I’m too chicken to do a sky dive or abseil! Would a coffee morning work? Sad.

20. Get a qualification in makeup artistry.

21. Own my own guest house with a deli 🙂

22. Live in a house with a lake or river in view. This will preferably be the guest house in number 21.

23. Properly research and record our family genealogy.

24. Become debt free (fat chance)

25. Find the time to do the previous 24.

…….I knew you would be thinking it so I said it first! 😉

What’s your number 1 on your bucket list?