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I always hated poetry when I was at school.

In fact, I kind of still hate it.

Not really what you want to hear from an English teacher, right? At least I’m honest. I bet there are some maths teachers out there who can’t stand doing algebra….or maybe not. Ahem. *losers* (coughs)

I wanted to get over my fear/dislike/antipathy of poetry and realised the best way to do it was to follow the example that I tell my pupils – write about something you like, something you’re passionate about. Well, if my gorgeous little Amelia doesn’t get me feeling creative, then nothing will. Hence my attempt at an acrostic poem (the simplest kind) as a tribute to her and how she makes my husband and I feel.

This photo was taken when I was dressing her after a bath recently, and it makes me smile because in it, she is just so herself, and by that I mean, she’s unspoilt and natural, she has no hang ups, no worries or cares, just a carefree life in which she is loved. I just love these moments with her, being able to soak up every second, and to be lucky enough to capture them on film.

I’m so grateful to be able to give her a happy life, when so many other children in the world don’t have that basic right. So here is my (very basic) poetic tribute to her. Enjoy 🙂

Poetry in Pink – To Amelia

A daughter we’ve been blessed with

My life, my love, my all

Enchantment, you have filled our lives

Lullabies we sing to you, and will forever

I wish upon a star that your dreams will all come true

And may you show the world the strength that’s in you.

This blog post has been written as an entry into the Tots100 competition in association with Boots Mother and Baby