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What I hope and fear for you, Amelia.

1. I fear that you will battle with your weight like I did. Eat properly.

2. I really don’t want you to get the psoriasis that is in both sides of the family. Fingers crossed.

3. Please learn your times tables as I don’t want you to be crap, and I mean crap at Maths like me.

4. Don’t ever let anyone bully you. Tell me.

5. Please love books. They are a joy and a gateway to freedom.

6. I hope you know that you can always confide in me.

7. Don’t smoke. It’s disgusting and it kills.

8. Don’t ever let your (or my) fears hold you back. Don’t settle for ordinary. If you want to be a astronaut/dancer/author/politician, then go for it.

9. I hope you enjoy music, its such a big part of our family, I just know its in you waiting to come out.

10. Save money. Now.

11. Travel the world and send me postcards. Better yet, take me with you!

12. I hope I give you a happy childhood.

13. Have confidence. Be fearless; but be forgiving and humble.

14. I want you to realise the value of having a small number of close friends. They are the ones who will get you through the tough times. The others don’t matter.

15. I hope you find love and know that you are loved.

I think I could go on and on with this, but these are the biggies, for me at least. I hope you find them valuable when you need them.

Love, Mum