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When I was a little girl I was always into crafts.

I was a bit of a bore, actually (God, I hope I’ve grown out of it!)

Anyway, I loved painting, sewing, sticking things to other things, glitter, buttons, ribbons…I could go on and on about the geeky-ness.

Let’s just say I was an indoor girl.

Now, though, I have a proper excuse to do crafty-type things at home as a grown up. Not that I can’t do those things if I want to, but when Amelia is a little older I will feel that I can do those projects and craft activities with her for a legitimate reason, although her Uncle D is adamant that he is going to install a love of sports in her, since me and her Dad are the least sporty types going…

For the christening recently, though, I got to create some little crafty pieces for the party, and I was in my element. It’s weird, but with being so tired and run off my feet with the little one, its strangely relaxing to be able to escape into almost childish pursuits like crafts. I’m currently crocheting a blanket for my friend, and I savour every stitch I get to do on it in the evenings, as it really helps me unwind. She is probably sick waiting on it though, as its taking me ages.

After spending waaaayyy too much time on Pinterest and craft websites, I found inspiration in a few places and made some glittery jars and monogrammed jars to hold roses in, as well as tissue paper pom poms (so cheap but cheerful) and between us Mum and I managed a Cath Kidston fabric tablecloth that we made from some sale material. I also enjoyed doing a balloon idea that I found here and adapted to suit the christening by using pictures of Amelia on each balloon, and each guest was welcome to take a balloon and picture home as a memento.

I loved loved loved the geeky-craftiness.

I wish I was Kirsty Allsop…or at least her best friend *sigh*