Last Sunday the big day had finally arrived…Amelia’s christening. I actually think I was more excited about it than I was on my own wedding day. I don’t why though, I think it was the importance of the occasion from a family point of view, rather than a religious one.

Of course, we had her christened for religious reasons, but we see it more as a rite of passage of being welcomed into our family and wider circle of friends, and celebrating her birth. Whatever way you look at it, it was a special day for all of us.

We kept it very small, just immediate family and some close friends, as that’s what we wanted. There seems to be a tradition developing (at least here in NI) that for a christening you have to ‘go the whole hog’ and hire a function room in a bar or hotel and get a bloody DJ and pay a fortune for a buffet of sausages and sandwiches.

Not what I wanted. Sorry to anyone who has had that, but it just wasn’t what we wanted.

We had some food and music back at home, which we had decorated a little (well, a lot – I went a bit craft mad, a separate blog post coming up on that), oh, and Amelia’s Uncle D made cosmos.

Lots of cosmos.


There was such demand that he had to go out to the shop to get more ingredients as he ran out.

And Amelia’s Dad made Cupcakes.

More Yum.

We also added another little idea in that other Mum’s to be and new Mum’s may have heard of, it’s not my own idea, I’ve adapted it from an idea a friend saw online – I have set up an email account in Amelia’s name and I set up a computer station at the Christening party asking everyone to log on to their emails and send her one that we can open and read when she is 18. Soppy or what? 😉

So…all in all a great day was had by all.

Hang on…my brother can make pink, girly cocktails, and my hubby can make cupcakes…

Should I be worried…?