The dreaded debate…when to start weaning…?

I’m BEYOND a rookie at this, I mean, I’m a total rookie with babies full stop – so I’m trying to do my best with instinct and knowing what feels right. The Health Visitor says 6 months onwards is the recommended time to start weaning, and I do think that the science behind it must back it up and for those Mum’s who wait until then, fair play.

But my baby is hungry.

And I mean hungry! I thought I had an appetite! To be fair, she sleeps through the night almost every night, but she has started waking earlier than usual and also the bottles during the day don’t seem to be satisfying her so we decided to introduce a bit of baby rice mixed with some spoonfuls of her milk a couple of days ago. It has been said that it is acceptable to start weaning at 17 weeks or more if you feel your baby requires it, so we’ve started.

I’m sure other parents find it such a novelty seeing their little one eat off a spoon with a slightly doubtful and confused look in their eyes saying; “Where is my bloody bottle, Mum?” but its also great when you actually see and hear them swallow a mouthful, and only some of it dribbles back out. So, it has begun….God I hope she doesn’t grow up to be a fussy eater like her Dad!!

Oh, and we are going through bibs twice as fast as usual…I wonder why? 😉