Since I recently joined the lovely club that is the mummy bloggers Northern Ireland, I have been pondering over the different changes that have taken place since our little lady arrived in our lives…

1. You will NEVER finish a cup of tea. I never remember to wait until after Amelia has had a bottle to make myself a cuppa! I’m always gasping for one and literally just as I sit down to drink it with a little cheeky-weight-watchers-friendly-Curly-Wurly, lo and behold, little Miss wants a bottle!

2. You learn to text with one hand. My blackberry before baby-dom was a two hander – now I’m a total expert at texting with one thumb while simultaneously sterilising bottles or burping the munchkin.

3. 7am is a lie-in. I don’t think I need to expand on this one.

4. Your memory suffers. Before Amelia arrived, I was Mrs-Organised. My friends will testify to my almost compulsive lists in my diary of things to do, important dates and so forth. Now, I can’t remember what I came into a room for! I also have had the mortification of turning up an entire MONTH early for a work event. 18th May….? No, Emma, the 18th of JUNE. *the shame*

5. You say the word ‘bottle’ a LOT more than you ever did before.

6. You can go for much longer walks than you did before…for some reason you can walk a lot further and faster when pushing a pram. Maybe its that purposeful feeling it gives you, but proper walking for exercise just seems easier.

7. You (and your family) become total goofy idiots. Talking gibberish and singing silly songs ALL THE TIME. And the weird thing is. You never get bored of it. πŸ™‚

8. Perspective. All those petty, silly issues in life that you would have worried about before baby was here just don’t seem that important anymore – a major bonus.

9. Junk Food. I don’t know about other people, but I feel instantly guilty these days if I eat something considered ‘junk’ food – I think its because I want to set a good example to Amelia and therefore I shouldn’t be eating the bad stuff. I guess this helps with the weight loss too!

10. Painting your nails becomes almost impossible. When I sit down to apply a coat of nail varnish, I get summoned….this usually involves leaving a cup of tea to go cold at the same time…

I’d love to hear other Mum’s and Dad’s contributions – what’s changed for you since your little one arrived?