Anyone else experience this…?

Happy baby, smiling and cooing, happily sitting on your knee…

Then they start to get cranky, and I don’t mean the normal sort of cranky that you are used to, but strangely cranky, and nothing will console them.

You get them a bottle.

Nope, they don’t want it.

You get them a toy.

No joy. (Sorry, really didn’t mean to make that rhyme, but sue me, I went with it)

They work themselves up into such a state of hysterics that they eventually fall to sleep.

I’m convinced that its because of the injections she got last Tuesday, she never does this normally, and I’m wondering if any other new parents out there have gone through something similar? It happened for a few days when Amelia got her first set of jabs also so we knew what to expect this time! Still, its awful seeing them go through it.

Anyone else out there have a similar experience?