Is anyone else out there as terrified as I was bringing their baby to get their immunisations? I was sooooo worried about it, even though personally I’m not at all bothered by needles. I think it was just knowing that I couldn’t tell Amelia what was about to happen and was worried about how she would cope with it. And there is always a little rouge thought in the back of your head that worries about them getting sick because of it…I myself was not a happy bunny when I got my flu jab for the first time when pregnant. Boy, did it make me sick!!

What have I learned about this?

Babies are tough.

I mean it, they are so resilient and can cope with much more than us adults, I think its because they have no fear or anxieties programmed into their little heads…its like a blank canvas. So, that is her second set of jabs over with, and God love her, she fell asleep minutes before we went into the treatment room and actually didn’t waken up at all with the first jab, but the second one DEFINITELY woke her up…although she didn’t cry for long.

What is the second thing I have learned…?

She is much much braver than her needle-phobic Father….*snigger

Only one more set of jabs next month then none until she is a year old. Phew.